Why Billy? Why use a persona?

The term persona comes back often in content marketing. Moreover, this tool is extremely useful for businesses offering products or services.

The importance of defining a persona

The importance

of defining a persona

The persona designates your product, service or content toward your target client. It acts as an imaginary character that represents an archetype of a group of people. These people have interests, motivations, and behaviours in common. Notably, the persona must have a first name, social characteristics, as well as a story.

Who is your ideal buyer?
What do they want?
What do they need?
What are they afraid of?

Essentially, the persona places the client at the heart of each decision the company will make. It is a precious tool to help develop your business. It is much easier to define a strategy once you have identified a specific segment of your clientele, rather than try to communicate with a generic category, such as women between 25 and 35 years of age.

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How is a persona built?

Its construction is done in multiple stages.

First, you need to collect information on your current and future clients. You need to use a quantitative approach relative to sociodemographic criteria (gender, age, profession, socio-professional status, area of residence, etc.) as well as a qualitative approach relative to behavioural and psychological criteria (lifestyle, values, motivations, restraints, etc.).

Consider the information you already have at your disposal: your database, teams who are in direct contact with your clients, studies, etc. If you wish to procure more detailed data, consider sending out surveys. The objective is to collect information from your clients and your prospective clients by talking to them directly.

How to use it?

Now that you have a defined persona, it’s time to bring it into action. Your persona must be at the heart of your development strategy: the design, the development of your product/service, your communication campaign, etc. Display your personas so they are visible to your entire internal team. You can also send out portfolios on your personas to your providers so they can gain a better understanding of your target market.


Ultimately, bear in mind a persona is not fixed! Yes, this tool initially requires substantial data collection. However, as you gather new information from your target market, you can continue to update your strategies according to your persona’s evolution. As long as you gather data, you can enhance your understanding of this character.

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