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How to Choose the Best Ambassador for Your Brand?

Ambassadors, influencers, spokespersons… it’s hard to choose what type of profile you want to represent your brand. And over what period, for what type of content, etc.? There are so many questions to ask on that subject, we answered them for you.

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What is a brand ambassador program?

First of all, an ambassador is someone who speaks positively about a brand and who represents it. It is often said that an ambassador, like a spokesperson, is the “face” of the brand. However, according to Sprout Social, an ambassador program is a company-wide initiative to seek out people who would represent a brand, so it gains visibility and recognition.

For example, the Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec (CTAQ) reached out to Hubert Cormier, dietitian and nutritionist. The CTAQ’s mission is to ensure the sustainability of the food industry in Quebec, so they turned to someone with good knowledge in this field. Hubert therefore acted as a brand ambassador in the CTAQ’s “À table Québec” campaign by participating in a series where he answered questions about food in Quebec. The CTAQ chose its ambassador based on his notoriety, but also on his interests and knowledge, which contributed to the success of the campaign.

Why choose this kind of program?

Partnering up with an ambassador gives a brand a certain visibility it would not have obtained otherwise. Indeed, if a bicycle clothing company partners with a cycling athlete, it will benefit from an audience directly linked to the sport. In fact, if this athlete wears clothes from this brand, it is probably because they provide the comfort he is looking for. The company therefore takes advantage of the visibility as well as the notoriety of this athlete in order to build their image.

A great example of a brand ambassador program is Martin Matte with Maxi. This well-known comedian has no direct connection with the grocery store, but allows the brand to reach a large audience. By teaming up with the comedian, Maxi solidifies its positioning, thanks to the perception that people have of Martin Matte. He is very popular in Quebec, so he will encourage people to buy. And let’s face it, it works!

What is the difference between an influencer and a brand ambassador?

This question comes up often, and it is because the distinction between the two is not obvious. An influencer can be an ambassador, but an ambassador is not necessarily an influencer. A few points can help differentiate the two concepts:

An influencer… An ambassador…
  • Has a loyal and nested audience on their social pages that a company can benefit from.
  • Signs shorter contracts that commit to a few photos, publications or a few stories.
  • Can work with several companies at the same time, sometimes even competitors.
  • Creates their own content according to their personal touch, approved by the brand.
  • Does not necessarily have an online channel for the brand (for example, Martin Matte is quite absent on Instagram).
  • Signs a contract for longer periods (months, years).
  • Only works with one company from the same background, avoids competitors.
  • Appears in brand-created content.

Finally, an ambassador program helps give your brand visibility that it wouldn’t otherwise have. When the time comes to choose if and how you want to build this program, ask yourself: how do I want my brand to be perceived in the public eye? This will definitely guide you.

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    Questions to ask yourself:

    • Who is your target audience?
    • Who best represents your community?
    • What are your brand values?
    • Who best supports these values?


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