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How to Perform Well on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the platform that is growing in importance and that has more and more loyal users. Its content is still little controlled by the algorithm, which means that it is your expertise that matters to be recognized on this platform. But what are the best practices for performing well on LinkedIn as a professional or as a business?

How to use LinkedIn

The art of self-branding: essential on LinkedIn

What is self-branding? It is the art of promoting yourself as a person or as a company in order to make yourself known. While on many platforms the goal is simply to interact, LinkedIn’s purpose is to make a name for yourself and be recognized in the professional world. But how can you do so?

First of all, you need to position yourself as an opinion leader in your community. In other words, the content produced on its platform must be motivating and relevant to your target community. Otherwise, the content will most likely be ignored. Also, here are other points that must accompany the creation of content.

1. Upload a professional profile picture

It may sound simple, but still too few people take this point seriously. Your professional photo is your first impression with an employer or a business, so it should showcase you and your professionalism.

2. Fill out the Work Experience section

In this section, talk about projects you completed in your current or previous jobs, not about tasks you completed. Recruiters or future clients want to know what you have accomplished, not your daily tasks. This is how you will differentiate yourself from others in your field.

3. Ask for recommendations from your former bosses

On LinkedIn, a recommendation is like a reference letter: it means a lot to recruiters and managers. For business accounts, you can ask your customers to write a recommendation that sure won’t go unnoticed by future customers.

4. Personalize your experience

Your experience is yours and only yours. Tell it the way you see it. A personalized profile is a profile that you take care of, which demonstrates the thoroughness and professionalism of the person on the other side of the screen. Whether you are talking about your good or less good moves, the important thing is to talk about them. You will be rewarded for it.

Why is LinkedIn so important in B2B?

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is THE social network in the business world. It is where companies and professionals interact and show their best sides to potential customers.

For example, if an IT company aims to find new potential customers, advertising on LinkedIn instead of advertising on Facebook and Instagram would be beneficial. LinkedIn Ads is well known and demonstrates professionalism. In B2B, it is often this quality that wins above all. In fact, 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs comes from LinkedIn. That says a lot.

LinkedIn Ads offer a host of different options for promoting all kinds of businesses. To run your first campaign, follow the steps and target your market, the rest will be done naturally. If you’re familiar with Facebook Ads, LinkedIn isn’t that far behind in terms of settings, budget, etc. It is its reach on the social platform and its purpose that are not the same, since we are talking about “business to business” marketing.

In short, LinkedIn is not just one social media outlet among many. In our opinion, this is a real gold mine of talent and well-directed campaigns.

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    Questions to ask yourself:

    • Does my personal LinkedIn profile inspire professionalism?
    • What type of advertising corresponds the most to what I am looking?
    • Will companies and managers be attracted to my profile and my content?


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