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Generating sales via social media: it’s possible!

Social media is more than ever involved in business marketing strategies. They are used to promote all types of products every second, and Instagram has even integrated the “Buy” feature where you can order an item directly from the app. But how do you convince the user to buy online?

Sale cart - Generating sales via social media

What is a conversion funnel?

There are several steps that users go through before making a purchase decision. They are summarized in six points that are schematized in the form of a funnel that is commonly called a “conversion funnel”.

conversion funnel - sales marketing

The consumer will ask themselves questions that will move the decision forward. For example, at the awareness stage, we ask ourselves “What is this product for?” and we are looking for information on the subject. Then, we learn more about the product at the interest stage. The consideration stage is marked by reading reviews and comparisons with other products. It is at the intent stage; the consumer adds the item to their basket. Before buying, they evaluate their basket and asks themselves other questions before finalizing the transaction at the purchase stage.

Yes, it takes a lot to convince someone to buy, no matter what you’re selling. However, note that not all consumers start at the very top of the funnel. If a consumer has been wondering about their buying decision for a while and their basket has been full for 2 weeks, they only have a few steps left before moving on to the credit card step. In marketing, we have to think about all these people who are found on each pillar of the funnel.

How to make your social media become an important sales driver for your brand?

1- Listen to your audience

If you notice that your audience is already educated on the product you are selling, you will need to convince them to buy as a priority. The first step of awareness will have already been completed. You will therefore publish content that is selling (promotions, news, etc.) rather than informative (statistics, definitions, etc.).

2- Use different features to stand out

When a brand uses multiple social media functions, this implies that it can be known in different ways, from multiple touchpoints.

3- Speak “human”, tell your story

Storytelling is such an important tool in marketing. Don’t hesitate to bring out the human side of your business and tell your story, it is more interesting than you think!

4- Respect your editorial line

Staying consistent is important on social media. This allows you to keep charming your followers in addition to winning over new ones. Find the creative line that suits you best and stick to it!


The watchword on social media in 2020: authenticity. Tell the truth, inspire your followers with the reality, and let real life speak.

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    Questions to ask yourself:

    • What is the history of your brand?
    • What are your marketing activities?
    • What stage of the conversion funnel are my subscribers at?


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