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From Tiktok to IG Reels

Tiktok has caused a lot of talk this year, especially since people are consuming more and more content, “thanks” to Ms. Covid-19. Otherwise called “”, the platform grew the most in Canada in 2019 and 2020. It had its own kind of content (short videos, easy editing, music, etc.), until Instagram released its new feature: Reels.

To the delight of all content creators, this is a new way to post more creative and unique content.

From Tiktok to IG Reels

Tiktok vs Reels

Although they are found on two completely different social media, it can be said that TikTok and Reels are quite similar, with a few exceptions.

Today, Tiktok is the 7th most popular social media in the world (after Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Messenger, Wechat and Instagram). More than 800 million people use it around the world (Influencer Marketing Hub, 2020). They create videos that are less than a minute long, often adding music and a filter. Viral trends have been created on Tiktok, such as dancing to Jason Derulo’s song “Savage Love” which has been performed thousands, if not millions of times, to the point where the singer has made it his music video.

Instagram Reels are also short videos, but 15 seconds long. This new feature was released in August 2020 and it allows to shoot a short video, add music and a filter. Not so far from what Tiktok does! It’s a brand new way to share creative content on Instagram. Content creators have embraced it already and create all kinds of content, whether it’s educational, for the purpose of selling a product, or just for fun. This is also a great way to grow your audience, since the algorithm promotes the new feature by adding several Reels to the “Explore” page.

Which platform should I choose?

While many Instagram content creators and influencers have embraced Tiktok for its short videos feature, they now find themselves able to use this feature directly on Instagram. Should they continue to use Tiktok or just focus on Instagram?

The answer to this question is: it depends on their target audience.

When you’re really present on social media, it is essential to know your audience by creating, for example, a persona. Whether you want to reach out to young adult music fans or parents in their 30s, there is a platform for that.

It is well-known that a very young audience consumes TikTok videos. In fact, 69% of the platform’s users are aged between 13 and 24 years old. On the other hand, on Instagram, the same age group represents 36.7% of users. In this case, to ask the question is to answer it: the two platforms are so different!

At, we believe it is important to focus on a single platform for this type of content. Not everyone has both apps installed on their phone. Influencer’s followers on Instagram are sometimes not even aware that they also have a Tiktok platform that they use.

Reels are here to stay, because they represent a real opportunity in digital marketing. It’s a great way to show off your online presence, stay creative, and get a whole new place in Instagram’s algorithm.

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    Questions to ask yourself:

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