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10 Pinterest Accounts on Digital Marketing to Follow

Who hasn’t spent hours scrolling through endless pages on Pinterest? The algorithm makes sure that we can quickly end up with content to our liking without even having to subscribe to various accounts. Yet, clicking the “subscribe” button is free for the user, and so rewarding for the creator. To keep your favorite content creators on the go, feel free to subscribe, “pin” and share their content.


To help you get started on following interesting Pinterest profiles, we’ve selected 10 accounts that we particularly like.

Here are the top 10 inspiring Pinterest accounts on digital marketing, by

1. Later

@latermedia is one of our favorite social media and content marketing references. Whether it’s social media strategies, a guide to creating great content, or tips on features for all platforms, we can always count on Later.


2. Latest Instagram Captions  

 Writing is a big part of our projects at This account (@otherwayroundblog) gathers the best captions and those to avoid. It’s easy to spend hours reading each of the most inspiring proposals. 

3. Girlboss

 @Girlboss is a community of inspiring and accomplished women. Their publications are motivating and will make you want to give your 110%. We like to follow this profile to encourage us to ask ourselves questions related to our professional life. How to optimize your time? How do you start a new job on the right foot? How to maintain a good balance between all your projects? If you’re looking for a motivating account that feels good, follow @girlboss.

4. Google

 A must. @Google is very active on Pinterest, with helpful posts on how to use and optimize all of its products. There you will learn all the tips for using Google Doc to the best of your ability, in addition to various tips and tricks that only a few people know from the Google suite. 

Google Pinterest

5. Squarespace

@Squarespace is an online website creation and management platform. Their posts on Pinterest focus on how to use their platform. Their content, as beautiful as it is inspiring, is exactly the kind of information we like to “pin”. From how-to videos on using their calendars to horoscope publications: everything is there to inspire you.

6. Unfold

@UnfoldHQ is an app used to create beautiful designs. Several content creators use it to create unique stories. Unfold uses its Pinterest platform to showcase these designs, with the goal of inspiring others.

7. Pinterest Creators

Pinterest has several accounts under its name, but our favorite is @pinterestcreators. They offer tips for improving Pinterest content. And what better than Pinterest itself to give advice on the most effective content on the platform?

8. Let’s Get Optimized

Pinterest is good for inspiring the “wow”, but also the “how”. @getoptimized offers advice on everything related to online optimization. The content is shown in dynamic and clear visuals, which lead to the Let’s Get Optimized blog, where all the information is detailed.

9. Email Design Blog

With the number of newsletters sent out every second, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas for design, strategy or writing. Fortunately, @emaildesignblog maintains a list of hundreds of previously published newsletters on every possible topic to inspire creators.

10. Adobe

The best ally of a graphic designer: @adobe. This account highlights projects from avid users of the suite. Their series “Women Create Wednesday” is particularly inspiring.

With these subscriptions on your Pinterest profile, rest assured that you’re consuming content that is as engaging as it is inspiring. Between a photo of your dream kitchen and your next favorite recipe, it’s always good to find some educational information, isn’t it?

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