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How to convert on social networks?

Social Commerce is a useful tool, as it allows the use of different social platforms for connectivity and monetary benefits. Are you ready to optimize your different social platforms?

Introduction of Social Commerce

From a perspective of profitable marketing campaigns and efficiency in the use of monetary resources, social commerce becomes a key tool to be able to achieve your sales and engagement objectives. By definition, social commerce can be defined as the use of social networks for the purpose of business development.

Social networks can be used judiciously to create conversion among future consumers or those who have already shown interest in our brand by optimizing the marketing efforts put in place.

What is a “conversion”?

Conversion can be defined as the act of transforming the actions suggested by advertising campaigns into concrete actions carried out by the consumer. A range of actions can be taken by the consumer, from subscribing to a newsletter, filling out a contact-form, downloading a document or even purchasing the good or service offered.

Conversion is therefore a way of measuring and maximizing the number of users performing clear actions on different platforms or on the website. Indeed, Social Commerce is effective when your social platforms allow users to complete the transaction on the platform or to complete the payment steps on the website.

3 tactics to put in place to promote conversion

There are several tactics to encourage conversion and maximize the marketing efforts put in place by social commerce.

One is through strategic positioning across multiple platforms in an attempt to reach more diverse user segments.

By having a more diverse online presence, a business can achieve a better return on its investments by providing consumers with the experience they want on each of its platforms, from Instagram to LinkedIn. Speaking of user experience, you can find additional information on best practices to adopt on different social platforms in the article: “Generating sales via social media: it’s possible!

Another tactic would be to use social commerce as an avenue to create real connections with users. It is important to consider your customers’ opinions and feedback, as this data can be relevant for analysis and improvement.

For example, Dove’s #NoDigitalDistortion advertising campaign features real-life ambassadors in an effort to boost the self-esteem and confidence of their users. This initiative shows that the company has taken consumers’ opinions into consideration by offering them products that are more suited to their realities and by adopting a vision that takes their well-being into consideration.

In addition, it is relevant to ensure that your customer service is able to adequately respond to questions or problems from consumers. Allowing customers to have a space to express themselves about your business, in a good or bad way, becomes a social proof and a guarantee of quality for your future customers.

Including a space dedicated to user questions is a good way to show that they are taken into consideration and that their satisfaction is an integral part of your corporate culture.

For example, on the “Drunk elephant” brand business page, the “send a message” feature allows consumers to reach the company by direct message on Facebook. Users can then ask questions or express their dissatisfaction about different products by writing directly to the company.

Finally, on a technical level, you need to be sure that your social platforms are properly configured. Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re ready to convert via Social:

  • You have a professional account on Instagram
  • You have a professional page on Facebook
  • You have installed Facebook shop and programmed Instagram Shopping
  • You have installed Shopify

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    Questions to ask yourself:

    • Am I optimizing the use of my different social platforms?
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    • Is my customer service satisfactory?


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