How to put an image behind a post in story?

If you’re not using Instagram Stories for your business, you could be missing out on a great opportunity. Not only are Instagram Stories fun and creative, but they are one of the best ways to build engagement, increase brand awareness, and even generate sales. In this article, you’ll find several content creation strategies so you can create the best Stories to elevate your business.

With over 500 million daily users, Instagram Stories are a great way to reach new potential customers and create a stronger connection with your existing customers.

Instagram stories were first launched in 2016 and have continued to grow in popularity on the platform ever since. In fact, the average number of posts published by each influencer has decreased every year since stories came on the map.

A great way to get more exposure and increase your audience’s engagement rate is to share your post in your story. To make your story aesthetically pleasing, you can personalize it by putting an image behind the post you’re sharing.

Instagram stories are full of features perfect for capturing viewers’ attention, attracting their interest and most importantly, converting them into loyal customers. And even if you haven’t reached 10,000 followers yet.

Hack steps

  • Step 1: The first step is to choose the post you want to share in story to encourage your followers to see and interact with it.

  • Step 2: Next, you need to import the photo you want to add as a background to your Instagram story.

  • Step 3: Next, you need to hold both images at the same time so that your photo goes to the back of your post.

  • Step 4: Finally, all you have to do is publish.

To see the tutorial, visit our Instagram Hack on our account.

What does it bring?

Instagram stories are continually evolving, introducing more features that drive engagement, ideal for starting conversations, humanizing your brand or even getting real-time feedback from your target audience.

Instagram stories have tons of easy-to-use features that encourage audience engagement like polls or playful emoji stickers. If you’re lacking inspiration, there’s a “create” mode that offers tons of pre-populated stickers designed to spark your creativity and encourage more engagement.

Here is the list of features to use.

The first is the “survey” sticker which is one of the faste