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3 current trends on social networks 

With the increasing speed of the digital world, it is essential to evaluate which key trends your company should consider and include in its marketing strategy.  

When it comes to social media, there are several trends that are currently taking place and here are three that are here to stay.

What are theses 3 current trends ?

#1 The TikTok Platform: 

Whether you work in the marketing world or not, you’ve undoubtedly heard of TikTok. This platform has quickly become the 7th most popular social network in the world, reaching 1 billion users in September 2021. This social network is a tool of choice in achieving visibility and notoriety objectives. In addition to the viral factor of the platform, its algorithm presents users with videos on topics they have previously shown interest in. If the user consumes a lot of fashion-related content, TikTok will more frequently present them with videos related to that theme. 

Despite the platform’s appeal to businesses, many have yet to position themselves on TikTok. According to Hootsuite’s social trends, only 35% of respondents announced that they plan to increase their investment in TikTok in the next year. Many businesses are still skeptical about launching on this platform and instead continue to invest in more traditional networks they know and consider more trustworthy, like Facebook or Instagram. If you feel reluctant about TikTok and hesitate to position yourself, we advise you to go for it! Obviously, to do so, you’ll need to do some research beforehand to find a logical way to add this platform to your strategy. On TikTok, users are looking for a lot of entertaining content rather than overly polished content. This is the time to show the behind-the-scenes of your business and put forward the more human side of your brand. Another interesting point about this social network is that the content created is often shared on other platforms. For example, it’s not uncommon to find a TikTok video on Instagram.

#2 The Video format: 

The other trend that ties in with the popularity of TikTok is the dynamic short videos, people love them, and they consume them a lot! To give you an idea, 60% of videos published on the Internet in 2020 were less than two minutes long (Vidyard). Consumers have access to a multitude of content on social networks and have a fast-paced lifestyle. Short videos are the perfect answer to this new type of consumption. 

That’s why many social platforms now offer short video options like Reels on Instagram for example. However, to stand out from the available content and appeal to a large audience, you need to create videos that are engaging and entertaining. To create a sense of community with your brand and for your consumers to develop an interest in your content, remember to remain authentic and transparent with your audience, this is the key to successful content. 

#3 Augmented reality: 

The third trend that continues to grow and that you should not miss is the use of augmented reality on social media platforms. This growth is largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The confinement and closure of many businesses has led retailers to find new ideas to maintain human connections with their regular and potential buyers. How do you interact with individuals, brands or objects from a distance? This is a question that many organizations have been asking themselves and this is what explains the increased use of augmented reality on social networks. This tool, which was initially introduced by the creation of multiple filters in stories, especially on Snapchat and Instagram, has evolved and will occupy a growing place in the future. Augmented reality through social networks is much more than modifying or transforming a face with filters. It’s also about leveraging these tools for sales and conversion. 

Users who once preferred to visit stores to try on products physically are now able to do so from the comfort of their own homes. It is possible to virtually try on multiple items such as eyeglasses, clothing and even shoes. Augmented reality can also be used in other fields such as real estate, where buyers can remotely visit the house, they have always dreamed of.  It’s a versatile and effective tool that encourages your consumers to convert more easily and quickly. 

It is a shared benefit, which on one hand will increase your sales, and on the other hand, will allow the buyer to live a unique and immersive experience, which will increase their level of engagement with your brand. 

Now it’s time to look at these three trends and think about which one(s) would be beneficial to optimize your social media strategy. TikTok, short entertaining videos and augmented reality are all relevant and profitable trends! The important thing is to evaluate if they all align with your goals or not, and figure out how to add them to your strategy in an efficient and appropriate way. 

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