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10 CTAs to engage with your audience

Have you ever entered your email address to get a discount on a future purchase? Have you ever subscribed to a newsletter to receive exclusive offers from a brand? Have you ever visited a website to learn more about a product or service after viewing an ad? 

If you answered yes to one of these questions, it is probably a direct result of the use of a CTA (call-to-action button)! 

What is a call-to-action? 

Call-to-actions are actually commands that guide the consumer to a desired action. These call-to-action buttons can vary depending on the product/service offered, the desired action and the stage of the conversion tunnel in which the consumer is. They are incentives that guide the visitor throughout his consumer journey so that he eventually becomes a customer 

Here are 10 different CTAs to use depending on the objective

#1 Doing Inbound Marketing   

Redirect consumers to your content in order to generate visits to your website and increase the chances of conversion.   

For example:   

  • Read more  
  • Discover our new collection   

 # 2 Create engagement 

Use CTAs to generate engagement within your community and eventually be able to monetize their actions and interests.   

  • Share  
  • Enter the contest   
  • Click here to enter   
  • Sign Up 

# 3 Moving to action 

Guide your visitors through their journey to the ultimate action: the purchase. 

  • Visit the store now  
  • Free Trial  
  • Add to cart/Buy  
  • Contact us now! 

To learn more about the conversion funnel, visit our article 


For your CTAs to be as effective as possible, they must meet a few essential criteria. 

 First, your call to action must be clear and concise! Your CTAs must be simple because you are trying to generate a spontaneous and quick action. You need to eliminate everything that is unnecessary to really stimulate a desire in your visitors. The design, the text, the calligraphy… everything must be action-oriented! 

To attract attention, it is recommended to generate an emotion in the user by the use of some striking or punchy words.  

It is relevant to consider adding a word that creates a sense of alert. You want your users to act quickly and especially at the very moment they see your publication or ad. It is therefore relevant to add a sense of urgency. 

  • Now  
  • Limited time only  
  • In limited quantities 

Finally, to ensure that you implement CTAs that are truly relevant to you, it is advisable to use a call-to-action tool. These tools allow you to generate tests that will measure the effectiveness and therefore the relevance of the CTAs you are trying to use. You will then be able to evaluate their potential returns on investment and modify them according to the results you obtain.   

Here are some of the tools available:   

  • Hubspot Calls-to-action 
  • Wishpond    
  • Sniply 


Call-to-action buttons are versatile tools that adapt well to all situations and business realities. They can be incorporated into any type of publication and can greatly facilitate the achievement of various objectives such as traffic and even conversion. 

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