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Best practices on TikTok 

For the past few years, TikTok has been growing in prominence among big players such as Instagram and Facebook. With over a billion active users, this social platform is being adopted by a growing number of organizations that are trying to strategically position themselves on it in order to benefit from its viral effect. It is a powerful tool that, if used wisely, allows you to reach a large number of people and make your brand shine in a unique and original way.  

How does TikTok work?

First of all, it is necessary to understand how the application and the algorithm work in order to take advantage of it.  

First, Tiktok considers any viewing of a video as a view. The only kind of viewing it doesn’t take into account is when you watch your own video.  

Second, Tiktok’s algorithm presents videos to users based on their interests. It uses clips that the user has interacted with to display new videos on similar topics or themes. 

The number of subscribers and the performance of your previous videos do not influence the success of your future publications nor the opportunity to be found on the FYP (for you page), the main page of Tiktok where the videos are automatically found.  

Best practices to adopt

#1 To get started on Tiktok, you need to assess who your target audience is and how you can present your offer to them in an engaging and relevant way. Establishing who your users are is crucial as it guides your content creation. The more your videos are aligned with their expectations or needs, the better they will perform. By creating educational or entertaining content, your users will be more likely to interact with your content through views, likes, comments or shares. This is how you can achieve your objectives, because as stated above, the algorithm will be led to represent your content to people who have shown an interest in it.   

#2 Tiktok is a trendy platform. There are many challenges, reviews, tutorials and even advice of all kinds. It is therefore relevant for an organization to align itself with some of these trends in order to quickly gain visibility.  

A concrete example of this phenomenon is the use of a viral sound. On Tiktok, there is a page for each sound where you can find all the videos that have used it.  When a sound goes viral, many users go directly to the sound’s page to find related videos that would interest them. This is how you can position your video and benefit from this momentary increased attention.  

Pro note: Be careful though, because trends are often very ephemeral and not always aligned with your brand essence. It is therefore necessary to be agile in your content creation plan without following all the new trends, because this could eventually harm your image.  

 #3 To help users find your content, it is advisable to use keywords to categorize your videos. What topic do you cover? Are you offering a tutorial on one of your products or are you listing travel essentials?   

The important thing is to clearly identify the subject matter in order to encourage people to watch your video.  

#4 The time of day you publish your videos is also a factor that influences their performance. How do you determine the best time to publish your content? You need to do an audit to determine when your users are most active. The right time can vary depending on several characteristics such as geographic location, age or lifestyle and consumption habits

So the key to performing on TikTok is to have a deep understanding of your consumers and how the platform works. The viral aspect of TikTok is what attracts businesses, but remember to stay authentic and aligned with your brand, that’s how you will attract the right people!  

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