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Should you outsource or manage your programmatic buying? 

Currently, programmatic buying is the most commonly outsourced function in organizations. This article looks at the relevance of outsourcing this activity and why some companies choose to bring it in-house instead. 

The benefits of outsourcing your programmatic buying

The digital world has changed a lot in the last few years with the rise of social commerce, the disappearance of third-party cookies and the growing importance of content marketing. Companies find themselves with many complex marketing activities to perform on a daily basis. This is where it becomes relevant to outsource this aspect of your business.   

Programmatic buying is a function that requires a great deal of knowledge of technology and data analysis. The cost of hiring or training internal staff to do an effective job can be quite expensive. 

That’s why many organizations turn to specialized agencies to do their programmatic buying. This allows them to lighten the workload of their marketing team, so they can focus on more important and added-value aspects.  Moreover, thanks to the expertise and the outside perspective of a firm, you can achieve a high level of return on investment for this advertising function.

How do I define what I keep in-house ?

Some companies still choose to do their own programmatic buying for security and transparency reasons. Since the data used by the external agency is confidential information about your organization, there is a risk of data leakage. This is something you should consider especially depending on your distinct business domain. 

It is also necessary for you to really do a cost analysis regarding the use of an external firm. By doing a cost-benefit audit, you may realize that despite the amount of money that will need to be invested, having an in-house advertising specialist could be a significant advantage over your competitors.   

Having the process done in-house allows far more flexibility and a quicker response capacity because there are fewer middlemen.    

Which approach is best for your business model ?

When companies consider what functions, they should or should not outsource, they must look primarily at their marketing objectives as well as the resources available within their organization to achieve these goals. 

Each company operates in a different business area that requires a specific level of flexibility and responsiveness.   

  • Does your business decisions have to change very quickly?   
  • Do you operate in a highly competitive industry that requires a high level of confidentiality?   
  • Does your monetary resources allows you to train or hire new employees?   
  • Would your staff benefit from additional time to focus on other marketing strategies that are critical to your success?   

These are all questions you need to consider to determine whether or not your company is able to internalize programmatic buying in a solid and effective way. If applied properly, this advertising feature allows you to place ads in the most appropriate spots to reach your target. It also has the advantage to be optimized before and during delivery to ensure the best return on investment for your marketing activities.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Is programmatic buying part of your advertising strategy?  
  • Do you have the internal expertise to manage this type of ad placement?  
  • Would it be beneficial to bring in an outside firm to help you through the integration process? 

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