Faction A

Faction A is an elite squad that specializes in analytics services.

Highly qualified, resourceful, and rigorous, Faction A is a team of analytics aficionados that can pitch in at any stage of a company’s analytical solution implementation – from planning and dashboard creation to data integration.


+ Content creation
+ Social media management
+ Newsletter management
+ Ad management
+ Data analysis

Content creation

Goals and challenges

+ Develop content related to Faction A’s areas of expertise.
+ Spotlight experts in order to highlight the company’s down-to-earth nature.
+ Create simple, catchy content in order to boost interest, followers and reach.
+ Increase sales by leveraging all digital channels.

Our approach

+ Produced a comprehensive strategy to educate and inspire the business intelligence community.
+ Created a newsletter strategy to promote Faction A’s events and services.
+ Integrated a recruitment component into their communications to attract future experts.
+ Built and optimized a digital ecosystem in order to drive sales.

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