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Content marketing

We were approached by the Lov team to help the brand build a high-performance digital ecosystem, in order to generate as many reservations as possible in all of their restaurants. It is exactly the kind of challenge we know and love to take on – here’s how we did it.

Lov is a tasty and responsible vegan cuisine restaurant that allows its customers to make healthy choices for both themselves and the planet.

There’s three keywords to remember when thinking of Lov’s menu: gourmet, versatile, and accessible. Their collaborative and ingenious team is impressive, all in a radiant and welcoming atmosphere. Those who have not yet had the chance to experience Lov should give it a try, trust us!


New followers on the social media accounts who are real fans of vegan food.


A fairly high engagement rate for a restaurant. People really LOVE the LOV menu.


Total impressions.

Objectives and goals

+ allow the brand to carve out a prominent place in the Quebec market on social networks.

+ engage the community when the restaurant market is a very competitive environment.

+ plan and supervise internally the management of a whole new communication channel.

Our approach

+ development of a comprehensive strategy to entice and inspire the community.

+ integration of an Instagram Stories component to energize and democratize vegan food.

+ inspiring the community to eat better in their daily life through savory content.

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