Bespoke social media training.

Build your digital marketing knowledge and add value to your brand with top of the line training and resources. People go on social media to connect, to be inspired and to discover things they care about. Our classes will present you the latest industry insight and will teach you to leverage new technologies to increase your customer base.

What to expect

A good time!

Join us for 6 hours training session in the purpose built lab at our WeWork l’Avenue offices or via our secure videoconferencing solution.

Experts teaching classes

Important Details

Small groups to easily adapt to the needs of each participant

We’ve got you covered with an included meal to keep your stomach full.

Hands-on classes: don’t forget your laptop!

Back to basics

+ Optimizing your social media pages and creating great content
+ Setting up your own Facebook Business Manager and ad account
+ Integrating a Facebook & Instagram shop
+ Defining your target audience, the tone and communication message

  • 6 hours of training

  • Microsoft Teams

  • 1100$ + taxes

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Media Buy

+ Understanding the Business Ads Manager platform
+ Define the objectives of your media campaigns
+ Determine your target audience
+ Choose the right advertising placements

  • 6 hours of training

  • Microsoft Teams

  • 2200$ + taxes

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Content Creation

+ How to get started in creating content while respecting your brand’s identity?
+ Define the content caption
+ Define the different types of content
+ Choosing the right creative tools

  • 6 hours of training

  • Microsoft Teams

  • 1200$ + taxes

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« We took a training course in order to develop and improve the management of our Social Media with Caroline. It was a magnificent and very enriching experience for the whole team: we came out of these training courses well equipped to create content truly adapted to the clientele of our leisure center. »


« My team and I attended the training on ‘Facebook and Instagram best practices’. One word: wow! Very relevant and dynamic presentation, which allowed us to understand the behind the scenes of social networks and to optimize our ways of managing our page. »


« This training allowed me to demystify all my misunderstandings behind social medias. It is a training that I definitely recommend to everyone! An organized and easy-to-understand learning session! Thanks for all the tools; I am now ready to optimize my social media. »


« Caroline is a dynamic and very competent speaker! She was generous enough to adapt to my schedule, my reality and my knowledge in order to give me fully personalized training! I realized that I was only using a tiny fraction of the Facebook features. My biggest discovery: Facebook Business Manager and all its potential! The tips and advice she gave me will be immediately useful to improve the services of my business! Thank you! »


« Caroline and her team understood my needs, supported me like a right-hand man, and quickly designed solutions adapted to my customers and to my reality. Caroline’s work ethic, skills and transparency are the important elements that have led to my great confidence in her and her colleagues. »


« Billy Social offered me a service adapted to my needs, which far exceeded my expectations. A competent, attentive and efficient team! »