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How to create REELS in 5 minutes? 

The REELS format appeared on Instagram several months ago an is already competing with the TikTok app.   

For businesses, it’s an opportunity to share different content on the Instagram platform. REELS allow you to create short interactive videos. You can be creative, because you’ll have plenty of choices in terms of customization, video content, filters, typos, animations, music, it’s up to you to create your own! By the way, you can also add your own sounds to make them viral on the application. It’s quite handy for musicians…  

Are you short of ideas for your REELS ? We’re sharing 10 content ideas you can make to boost your Instagram page and increase your community’s engagement.

Hack steps

To create REELS, it doesn’t take forever. We’ll show you the steps in the Canva app to create REELS easily and in less than 5 minutes :  

  • Step 1: On the Canva app, in the search bar, type “REELS”.  

  • Step 2: Choose a template from all those offered. Keep in mind the purpose of your content to make your choice.  

  • Step 3: Customize your template by applying your visual identity and adding your own content.  

  • Step 4: Upload your reality in .MP4 format. It’s ready, publish!  


To see the steps in action, click here to view our REELS.

10 ideas of content for REELS

#1 Take us behind the scenes of your brand.  

Raise the curtain on your daily activities, no matter what your field of expertise. One thing is for sure, just like your community, we want to know everything about the creation of your products, your services, who is on your team, what your offices look like. Well, you’re allowed to keep a few secrets though!  

#2 Introduce yourself and tell us your story.  

It’s good to know that REELS appear on the Instagram Explore page, so anyone could stumble upon one of your videos, without even being subscribing to your page.   

Take advantage of this visibility angle to showcase yourself and share your brand’s story with thousands of people. Speak in front of the camera or if you’re less comfortable, do it as an animated text. Any form is possible, as long as your message is clear.  

#3 Prove your effectiveness with before and after videos.  

Before and after videos are a big hit on Instagram. First of all, they are satisfying to watch, secondly they show the effectiveness of your products and finally, they are a source of greater engagement from the community. Choose a topic that will showcase your products / services and totally make us want to try it, come on, make us dream! 

#4 Help us with tips and tricks.  

Tips and tricks are a great place to start. No matter what industry you are in, you have valuable information that can help your community.   

You don’t need to make a very elaborate video, share a tip or create a survey to gather informations on your community. Did they know this trick? Do they have any other tips to share with you? We guarantee you’ll make people happy. 

#5 Follow the trends.  

Ever feel like you’re seeing the same type of video 20 times on Instagram? It’s not just a feeling, it’s what we call viral content. This content is pleasing and growing, which can create a snowball effect on the platform. We tend to want to stand out and do things differently, but sometimes it is also good to follow the trend. If you’re running out of ideas, head over to the Instagram Explore page to find current trends. But don’t limit yourself to that, you can also try to create your own!  

Pro tip: don’t forget to create your own hashtag. If your content goes viral, it will be the key to your trend. 

#6 Recycle your content.  

You don’t always have to create new content, sometimes you just need to take a step back. Take a look at your content already published on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, your website, your blog, and see what you can reuse. This content, which is called “Evergreen” is content that never goes out of style. For example, if you have a YouTube video that worked really well, consider condensing it to 30 seconds, it will work just as well for REELS.  

Pro tip: don’t forget to add the link to your original video in your “caption”. The goal is to recycle your content and create a link between all your communication channels.   

#7 Put your products forward.  

While you can’t link your products to your Instagram REELS, you can still promote your products/services in your video and that’s even if you don’t have an Instagram store. Show us every facet of your product, up close, from afar, on display, in action, we want to see it all, absolutely all! 

#8 Spotlight on your community.  

Written testimonials, tags, photo content, video content, you already have it all on hand? Then show it off, it’s not about letting this gold mine lie dormant. Sharing user-generated content is a powerful way to engage your community, fill your content calendar and increase your sales. Don’t wait any longer, put your community forward in REELS way: put together images, text, videos.   

Don’t forget to tag the people whose content you reuse.   

#9 Answer frequently asked questions.  

A great way to use Instagram REELS is to collect all the recurring questions in the comments, your DMs, or your FAQ to answer them all at once, in a dynamic way. 

Pro tip: a few days before filming your REELS, ask your community to ask you all their questions. For this, use the “question” sticker in the story.  

#10 Share the teasers of your next dynamic content.  

Make our mouths water ! If you have videos or audio content to release, use REELS to tease your content. You can put together a montage of a few key moments or just take a snippet to make us want to see more. Don’t forget to share the date and location of the full content release in the caption.

Don’t try to be perfect but rather authentic and have fun! Instagram REELS are THE perfect format to try new things and grow your community.   



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