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Why prioritize marketing data?

Knowing how to adequately respond to the needs of your target audience is an effective way to reach your engagement and conversion objectives. Data marketing allows you to evaluate and collect the performance of your content on your different social platforms and on your website.

Why prioritize marketing data?

What is data marketing?

With the rise of digital, data is becoming an increasingly important commodity for marketers! Data marketing is the use of collected data as the basis for decisions and actions to be taken to grow your business and achieve your goals. With the analysis of this crucial information, you can make more informed choices and make precise targeting that greatly promotes conversion!

Why rely on numbers to make good business marketing decisions?

Numbers are a clear representation of the performance of your various activities. By analyzing this data, you can determine the impact of your actions as a company. With the resulting analysis report, it is now possible to highlight the most profitable efforts for your company. It also allows you to identify actions to modify if they do not achieve the desired results. What type of content is the most effective? What is your engagement rate on your platforms?

Are your advertising campaigns having the desired impact? With this data collected and analyzed, it is possible to respond more adequately to your target consumers. Your understanding of their expectations and desires will increase and you will be prepared to deliver your message more effectively. Offering exactly what they want will inevitably benefit your sales and conversion goals. To learn more about conversion and social media, read this article.

What types of information are available in data marketing? 

There is a wealth of relevant information available in data marketing that allows you to evaluate the performance of your content on your various social platforms and on your website.

You will find data such as audience growth, top performing posts, impressions, engagement, web conversion, demographics and ad performance.

Marketing data reports also offer interesting forecasts such as sales and customer retention to ensure the sustainability of your business. These detailed analyses are based on your current results and take into account the market in which you evolve. This projection will guide you towards intelligent and thoughtful choices in spite of today’s constantly evolving digital universe. 

Show how data helps us make decisions

You decide to invest a significant amount of money in a paid advertising campaign for your company. You want to make this effort profitable by ensuring the performance of your campaigns. How can you do this? With the help of a marketing data report that informs you in detail of the results by evaluating different key performance indicators. You can first see the total amount invested and how this amount was divided across the different campaigns implemented.

An important piece of information is the number of impressions, which is the number of times your content has been viewed by your audience. The CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) is a performance indicator that derives from this data and allows you to evaluate how much you spent to reach 1000 impressions. So you want to get the lowest possible cost per impression because the lower the number, the more profitable your marketing efforts will be.

Another interesting element of your analytics report is your paid engagement. You can then discern which campaign got the most exposure and use that as inspiration when creating future ads. You can evaluate several performance indicators such as average daily engagement or CPE (Cost Per Engagement) to determine the cost for all types of interactions between your content and your customers. The marketing data analysis report also provides a clear visualization of your total conversions on your platforms and website as well as the amount of money spent to achieve this number. 

Depending on your specific goals, some performance indicators are more relevant to analyze than others. However, an overview of your company’s performance is a powerful tool in achieving your goals.

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