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Everything you need to know about Instagram shopping

Instagram is the platform where you can spend hours scrolling through content. While many gather there for inspiration, companies take the opportunity to display their products on the platform. It’s called Instagram Shopping, the easiest way to shop online for things you really love.

More and more people are using the platform to shop and discover new products. Indeed 70 % of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram for product discovery, and 87% of people say influencers have inspired them to make a purchase.

It is common to read “where did you buy your bag?” or “how much did your glasses cost?” under the posts of the most famous influencers. So Instagram agreed that this feature would save not only influencers’ time, but consumers’ as well.

What is Instagram Shopping?

The idea behind Instagram shopping is to be able to find the source of an article from multiple places in the platform:

1. Shop

In Instagram’s interface, the Shop button, represented by a shopping bag, quickly replaced the location of the Notifications button. It is now possible to visit a page where there are items from companies that you like and to buy them directly in the platform.

2. In a post

Probably the most used function of influencers, it is possible to tag an article with information like its price, a link to the company page, etc., within the publication itself.

3. Instagram Shop page

This is where you can find recently viewed articles that you are probably still thinking about. Once your choice is made, go to this tab and directly complete your purchases. You can even choose the delivery method!

4. In an ad

Similar to posts where the article is tagged, the Instagram Shopping link can be added to feed ads. This way, the consumer will not have to exit the app to make their purchase.

5. Poduct Launches

This story box makes it easy for companies to announce a new product or a new line. The “View product” button gives direct access to the product on its Instagram Shopping page.

6. Live Shopping

Live streams are a great way to talk about a product and give an authentic demonstration of it. Identify the product and it will display at the bottom of the screen throughout the live with an “add to bag” button so the user can find the item later and proceed with the purchase.

How do I configure Instagram Shopping for my business?

Instagram Shopping is used by many online stores, here’s how you might use it for your business:

First, you need to make sure that your company is eligible, that is, that it follows Instagram codes and has a domain to sell on. You must also make sure that your profile is a professional or creator, otherwise, the function will not be available to you. You will then be asked to connect your page to a Facebook account. Once all these steps are completed, you can start importing your products to your page as a catalog.

Now that your page is ready, Instagram will revise it so that everything is in place before it goes live. This step may take a few days. You can then activate the shopping option on your page and start identifying your photos with the products in your catalog.

As the platform is constantly evolving, new features are born almost every week. To stay informed about the latest news from Instagram Shopping, subscribe to the @shop account. It’s a great page to follow if you are looking for inspiration.

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