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What exactly is a good content writer?

In today’s ecosystem, content marketing is a relevant strategy for achieving objectives such as engagement and conversion. Intelligent and thoughtful content writing becomes a great asset to make your marketing strategy profitable and to put forward your value proposition.

Introduction to the importance of writing in a content marketing strategy

Content writing is an essential tool in the realization of a content marketing strategy. If done right, it can connect with users, convey crucial information and even contribute to the engagement of your audience! By the way, why are you reading this article right now? 😉

Why is copywriting an effective lever in achieving conversion goals?

First, with quality content, you can capture the attention of your audience on your different platforms! In today’s ecosystem, users are overwhelmed by hundreds of ads and are less and less receptive to different advertising efforts!

Creating informative content becomes much more appealing to this clientele that feels compelled to learn more about a subject!  However, this content must be thoughtful and engaging to be able to eventually monetize your audience.

To better define what Content Marketing is, check this out.

Secondly, since writing content requires prior research on the target audience, it allows for optimal targeting! For your content to be effective, you must understand what your audience is looking for and how you can meet their expectations. The definition of your persona, then allows you to build a content writing plan that coordinates with their interests which will make your digital marketing efforts profitable!

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of designing a guideline for all content produced to ensure consistency and accuracy in the message communicated to users! To become an outstanding content writer, you must evaluate several elements regarding the form and content of your writing. For example, determining the most effective text format, the ideal type of content for your audience and the optimal publication frequency!

Highlighting the value proposition

A good content strategy should depend on what fundamental element? Your value proposition!

What exactly is a value proposition? It is the promise of quality and potential benefits related to your offer. It should clearly present the reason for your company’s existence and how your product or service could adequately meet the needs and desires of your target consumers!

Why should the consumer do business with you rather than your competitor? What do you have that is different, unique, appealing?

Once you have determined your value proposition, you must then make sure to put it forward and bring it to life in your communications! This will make it easier for your potential customers to see what you have to offer.  

Here are a few tips to make your value proposition stand out throughout your site or platforms:  

  • Use a different font or font size  
  • Create a color contrast to catch the eye  
  • Present it in multiple places and on different platforms

Be clear and concise

What kind of content attracts the most attention from consumers? Clear, precise and concise content!   

You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your potential consumers before they determine whether or not they are interested in your offer! You need to solicit as many users as possible to create effective content!

To be a good content writer, you need to do smart writing that highlights the important information of your offer! By using special characters like italics or bold, attractive subheadings and punchy titles!

Understanding your audience

Understanding your audience and who you are addressing is imperative to creating effective content!

Is your audience older or younger? Are they highly educated or not? Are they mostly men or women? You must ask yourself many questions to adjust your writing to your users so that each communication corresponds to them as much as possible!

In conclusion, in order for your texts to perform well as a content writer, it is important to create a detailed content plan according to your target audience and to always keep in mind the value proposition you are trying to share!

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    Questions to ask yourself:

    • How well do you know your target consumers?  
    • Do you have a clear and detailed copywriting plan?  
    • Do you know your value proposition?


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