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Why customize your Instagram Stories on social media?

Nowadays, with the constant evolution of social networks, it’s important to stand out and always make sure to follow the current trends. Customizing a social platform, account, photo or story can elevate the credibility of the account and make the content stand out from the crowd. It’s a great way to reinforce your brand’s personality and capture the attention of your target audience. There are many ways to customize your Instagram profile, we’ve listed a few ideas to help you make your Instagram a captivating platform that reflects your brand.

Hack steps

In order to properly customize your Instagram page and keep it consistent, it’s essential to find beautiful images to put as your highlights cover photo. A very easy way is to use the Canva app.

  • Step 1: The first step is done on Canva . You have to enter “IOS icons” in the search bar in order to have a ton of choices of template.

  • Step 2: Among all the icon template choices, you can choose the one that suits you the best. Essentially, you want to make sure the icons match with what you want to communicate. Think categories, here!

  • Step 3: In this step, it is important to customize the template according to your brand identity either by changing the colors, adding images or color backgrounds behind the icon.

  • Step 4: Export your visuals to your device.

  • Step 5: Finally, you go to your Instagram page and you can choose the visual with the icon and put it as the cover photo of the desired highlight.

You can visit our Instagram Hack to learn more.

Why is it so interesting?

Personalizing your Instagram page allows you to develop originality. And stand out from the crowd, which will attract more potential customers.

Instagram users like it when profiles are aesthetically pleasing while remaining uncluttered sto not overload the entire “feed”. An original way to put previously published Stories forward is to create Highlights. Unlike stories that last only 24 hours, Highlights are permanently accessible on your Instagram profile, allowing you to group certain information together so that your followers can view them again.

You can choose which story clips you want to feature and create specific categories to help your subscribers easily find their way around.

Highlights lets your followers find a collection of content from your stories under a particular theme. It’s a way to save stories over an indefinite period for future reference

What does it bring?

Personalizing your social media platforms will help you improve the customer experience and make them a satisfied customer.

Personalization is an effective way to meet the needs and expectations of your targeted audience, based on relationships with brands that offer similar products and services to their consumers. Secondly, Social Listening helps sustain your personalization strategy. By analyzing your audience’s behaviors in real time, you can realistically plan ahead to present your most relevant products or content to your consumers in a relatively short time frame. It’s also a way to reinforce your consumer positioning. Whether it’s promotions, social media posts or product descriptions, consumers are more likely to continue to engage with your brand because they like what they see.

What is the added value?

You will manage to capture the interest of your followers from the first glance. They will also be able to find what they are looking for more easily. Instagram Stories and Highlights are incredible tools for businesses to showcase and promote their brand. It’s your content of choice that is displayed at the forefront of your Instagram profile, so it’s perfect for helping new visitors discover your business and your company.

You’ll benefit from an effective strategy by taking care to incorporate highlights into your strategic plan on Instagram.

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