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Are Meta Keywords important now?

Do you want to improve your organic search engine optimization? There are many ways to improve your SEO, but in today’s world, are “Meta Keywords” relevant? 

What exactly are Meta Keywords?

The “Meta Keywords” are in fact a tag that appears in the HTML source code of your site. What are they used for? To indicate to search engines information about your web page. These are a reflection of the keywords you use and therefore indicate the subject that is treated by your page. However, is their use relevant today? 

What do we at Billy.Social think about using Meta Keywords?

At Billy.Social, we believe that it is no longer necessary to use “Meta Keywords” in your SEO strategy, as they have not been taken into account by search engines for some time. This function was abused and was therefore gradually removed from relevant features that can have a real impact on your SEO. These keywords have no real use today in terms of organic referencing of your website.

Should you include them in your SEO strategy

However, Meta Keywords still have relevance in some specific situations.   

For example, to face a fierce competitor with an effective keyword strategy.  

What can you do?   

The Meta Keywords are a good clue to help you understand the keywords used by your competitors. Since this tag highlights the keywords found on the competitor’s website, you could use it as inspiration for your writing and make your site perform in turn. 

This method is also true in reverse. This is another good reason not to use them! Your competitors might also utilize them when they try to understand what kind of keywords you are using.   

Keyword research is often a long and laborious process as organizations try to find out exactly how consumers search for their products on search engines.   

Your Meta Keywords are therefore available to your competitors by searching on Google and/or Bing.  

What to include in your SEO strategy

Although this is not a priority, there are several tools with high rates of return on investment to include in your SEO strategy.   

For example, the use of a “meta title” to clearly indicate to search engines what your page is about or the use of internal links that refer the reader to another page of your website.   

However, the use and optimization of keywords remains a crucial factor in your organic strategy.   

How to choose your keywords?  

There are several keyword research tools to ensure that you find the most profitable keywords for your business!  

Here are some of them:  

  • SEMrush  
  • Google Keyword Planner  
  • Google Trends  

To learn more about how to boost your SEO, visit this link.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Could my SEO be improved?   
  • Is my writing focused on using  relevant keywords?   
  • How do I determine which keywords to use? 

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