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The future of Facebook Shop

What is the current situation with the Facebook Shop

The Facebook Shop is a new feature of the Facebook social platform that has emerged to provide meaningful support to businesses that have been affected by COVID-19. With the current global health crisis, consumer habits have inevitably been changed.

Due to multiple restrictions and the risk of contracting the virus, users have increasingly turned to e-commerce to procure their goods and services. A change in mentality has also occurred as consumers, more aware, now wish to support the local economy to try to ensure its prosperity by buying local.

What is Facebook Shop?

The Facebook Shop was introduced by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as a solution to support businesses in their e-commerce turn accelerated by COVID-19. With this new tool, businesses can now offer their products directly on their Facebook business page and their Instagram business page.

Facebook Shop also wants to allow users to be able to order via messages on Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. In order to facilitate conversion, Facebook Shop also aims to create a feature to buy live during Facebook or Instagram Lives.

What is it for?

This free feature is relevant from a convention and sales increase perspective, as it allows customers to buy directly on the app without having to go to the company’s website.

Facebook Shop becomes a relevant tool for companies that want to create an ecosystem across several different platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. By being able to upload their catalogs directly to the Facebook app in addition to creating a personalized online store, companies can monetize consumer engagement from their various social platforms in addition to ensuring profitability from their advertising efforts.

Is it worth investing time in creating a Facebook Shop?

It is pertinent to ask ourselves if the time investment in creating a Facebook Shop is worth it. With the drastic change in consumer habits on the different social platforms, one has to wonder if these trends will remain similar once everything returns to normal. To learn more about the trends that have emerged due to the pandemic, consult the article: “The effects of COVID-19 on social media“.

One of these trends, the rise of e-commerce, was already present before the arrival of the pandemic. This reality has simply been amplified by the restrictions and risks associated with COVID-19.

So the investment is well worth it, because despite an inevitable resurgence in direct store sales, having an effective digital storefront for your products will remain an important asset in ensuring you meet your sales and engagement goals.

The Facebook Shop and the USA.  In QC, can we pay via Facebook Shop?

The Facebook Shop with the option to pay directly on the platforms was originally only available in the United States for a limited number of organizations.

However, since its launch in 2020, the feature has been growing steadily and is now available in Canada since February 2021.


Facebook Shop should be considered as an effective solution to overcome some of the obstacles that emerged from the global COVID-19 pandemic. It allows any type of business to have a virtual store on their social platforms for free.

This ease of access promotes conversion and allows to reach a larger market, even worldwide. Several features implemented by Facebook Shop allow to create better relationships with customers in addition to obtaining relevant statistics on them could be used to make more accurate and efficient advertising.

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