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How to organize your CRM?

Listening to your customers and offering them optimal customer service is an essential element for all businesses. Thanks to CRM and its tools, your company can now make the most of every piece of information and interaction from your customers!

Who should have a CRM and why?

For today’s consumers, adequate customer service is becoming an important feature that influences their purchasing decision. Thanks to CRM (Customer Relationship Management), it is more than ever possible for companies to offer the best service possible to their customers through a combination of processes and innovative technologies.  

Would it be relevant for you to have, or to refine your CRM? If you are trying to achieve sales, growth and customer satisfaction objectives, the answer is yes! This tool allows you to classify, store and share crucial information between your sales, marketing and customer service departments.

The CRM provides you with powerful tools to reach potential customers by offering advanced analysis on your current and target customers.

With this database accessible by all your employees, your company can make more informed choices that will greatly facilitate the achievement of specific objectives. This overview of all interactions with your customers is also the best way to offer your customers an adequate and personalized service that meets their expectations. 

What are the best practices for organizing a CRM?

The key to a successful CRM is its organization. The information must be relevant, well organized and easily accessible to make the investment in such a tool profitable.   

Here are a few tips to ensure that you implement a high-performance CRM in your company.   

It may seem obvious, but cleaning up your data is a crucial step and necessary for a CRM to work properly. Making sure you don’t have any gaps or duplicates can help you avoid several mistakes that can cost your company dearly. Sending an automatic message to the wrong person or duplicates could create doubt on the effectiveness of your customer service.   

Going hand in hand with the first recommendation, automating data entry and collection as much as possible will reduce careless errors and make your data more accurate. This workflow automation also saves you a lot of time!  You can pre-schedule personalized emails or newsletters based on potential customers in your database or past customers who are likely to buy again according to the CRM analysis. Everything is done automatically, sent to the right people, at the right time, with no human error possible due to the multiple verifications performed by the system. To learn more about newsletters, read this article.  

Another essential practice for the proper functioning of your CRM would be to analyze your consumers and their path on your platforms in depth. Based on a market study or a questionnaire, it is relevant for you to portray your ideal customer as accurately as possible. His tastes, expectations and desires, all characteristics are relevant elements to analyze to know if you adequately meet the needs of your consumers. Understanding all the steps in their decision-making process, from the first contact with your brand to the act of purchase, is a must to ensure that you offer them an optimal experience throughout their journey. Understanding who your optimal customer is then allows you to respond to their expectations in a fair and precise manner.  

A well-structured and maintained CRM is the solution that will allow you to create real and lasting relationships with your current customers, in addition to effectively attracting consumers with a high conversion potential for your company!

3 good platforms for a CRM 

Many CRM platforms offer efficient and advanced features such as a complete virtual database in the cloud as well as sales automation. Here are some of them:

  • Hubspot  
  • SalesForce  
  • Insightly  

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