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What is SMM?

With the rise in importance of various social platforms, it makes sense for companies to promote their brands through SMM. With increasing access to a huge number of potential consumers, SMM greatly facilitates the achievement of various strategic objectives.

Definition of SMM 

SMM (Social media marketing) is the act of using different social platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook, to achieve goals like higher conversion and engagement rates on your platforms. 

What does this mean?

With the rise in importance of the use of different social platforms, it makes sense for companies to position themselves in order to take advantage of the benefits they have to offer. With an average time of use of 2 hours 24 minutes per day in 2019, businesses should seriously consider investing time and money in these platforms that allow to connect more easily and efficiently with a large number of potential consumers. 

With this direct access to your consumers, it is now easier for you to effectively deliver your advertising messages. In addition, your content will reach a larger audience, which could facilitate the achievement of goals such as sales or traffic to your website.

How to access the paid features of social networks

To access the paid features of the different social platforms, you must first make sure you have a professional account on each of them.   

For example, by creating a professional Facebook account, you will have access to several analysis tools on your clientele in addition to allowing you to choose a specific campaign objective that matches your main objectives. Your page will also allow you to gather crucial information on your audience to be able to make more informed and accurate choices.  

It is also relevant to ask yourself on which platforms to position yourself in order to make your monetary investments profitable. It is necessary to evaluate your target audience and to adjust your content according to the targeted platform, because each one is not used for the same reasons by the consumers.

How much to invest in SMM?  

There is no universal amount to invest in SMM, as it can vary depending on the type of business, the objectives and the resources available. The Business Development Bank of Canada suggests that B2C companies spend about 5 to 10% of their total budgets on social platforms.   

For B2B companies, it is recommended to dedicate 2 to 5% on SMM. To learn more about which platforms to use in a B2B context, visit this article.

By evaluating your objectives, you can divide your budget to ensure you focus on the most important aspects of your business. For example, if you are trying to increase the engagement of your followers on your Instagram business page, you can invest a significant portion of your budget in creating quality visual content, an important feature for users of this platform.    

They will then be engaged and captivated by your content and will be inclined to interact more with your page. They will also be more receptive to your product or service offers and marketing efforts.   

It is increasingly relevant for businesses to invest in SMM, as this effective sales tool allows your company to effectively market itself in addition to potentially reaching nearly 4 billion users who use these platforms in a massively every day.  

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    Questions to ask yourself:

    • Do you have a professional Facebook and Instagram account?  
    • Who is your target audience?  
    • What is your main goal as a business? 


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