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The new features of GA-4 that we like

Data analysis, trend predictions and market segmentation. With the new Google Analytics 4, Google offers businesses even more advanced tools to make informed and insightful choices.

The importance of using the new GA-4

In 2021, to be able to make wise and informed choices, one must have the ability to obtain and analyze data.

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to evaluate in depth your performance on your social platforms as well as on your website. 

Since 2020, a new version of the platform is now available: the Google Analytics 4. 

This version allows, among other things, in-depth data analysis, reliable trend predictions and even an understanding of the life cycle of your consumer users thanks to its “Application + Web” platform. 

If you already have a previous version of Google Analytics and are hesitant to upgrade, we believe this tool will be a huge asset to your marketing strategy. Why do it?

Although the implementation and learning of this new interface will require some time to adapt, the benefits will be real assets for your company.

To learn how to properly integrate Google Analytics GA-4, check out our article.

The changes in this new version

With the rise in importance of user privacy, it is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to obtain the information necessary to understand the consumer’s journey through the conversion tunnel. Google Analytics 4 introduces itself as a solution to this problem by offering a multitude of tools to overcome the problems caused by today’s technology world. 

Here are some of them:

  Better predictions and information

  A better understanding of which networks are driving the most traffic to your site 

  Detailed reports on the different conversion paths taken by your users

The most relevant feature additions

The most relevant feature additions

One of the most innovative features of the new Google Analytics 4 is the use of artificial intelligence. 

It is now possible to receive an alert when the system detects a trend that could be relevant to your organization. With this new predictive capability, you will receive recommendations to adopt that will give you a long lead over your competitors. For example, if you are able to detect an increase in demand for a product, you will be ready to react quickly and be able to capitalize on this business opportunity. 

Another ambitious change in this new update is the addition of comprehensive cross-device and cross-platform reporting.

With the old version of Google Analytics, there was a lack of consistency in data and in audience optimization due to the fact that it was not possible to follow the user journey across all interfaces. Google Analytics 4 makes it easier to analyze data by allowing the consumer to be tracked across the different social platforms, applications and devices they use, thereby reducing the amount of data missing from the analysis.

Another important change is that Google Analytics 4 is now event-based and not just session and page view-based. These events are triggered when the user takes an action on your application or site. They include a multitude of behaviour such as clicks, views, file downloads, app downloads and even “scrolls”. 

Google Analytics 4 is an effective analysis and forecasting tool that gives you a complete overview of your business. With this in-depth understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to make better choices that will ensure the sustainability of your organization.  

Questions to ask yourself

  • Have you made the switch to the new Google Analytics 4? 
  • Are you aware of all the features of this program?
  • Are you using marketing data effectively?

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