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You’ve probably already heard of CRMs, those databases that help you sell by storing all the communications between you and your customers. Here at the agency, we use Hubspot on a regular basis and now know that all the tools it offers have a real impact on our work.

What is Hubspot?

If you’re a marketing professional, you’ve heard of Hubspot. This platform is a powerful and versatile tool that offers remarkable support to organizations to improve their customer experiences and maximize their return on investment. Hubspot offers different tools specifically designed for different parts of your marketing and sales strategy. This CRM (Customer relationship management) has been designed to help the consumer through every step of the conversion tunnel.

The different relevant tools of Hubspot

In addition to having a popular blog that provides educational and diverse information on marketing and many digital topics, Hubspot also offers free recognized certifications.

However, on the CRM side, Hubspot is interesting for organizations because of its powerful tools on marketing, sales, services and operations, four components that are essential to your business success. To really understand the advantages of a CRM and how to organize it well, consult this article.

For the marketing side, Hubspot helps organizations create powerful content. It must be oriented to ensure that it attracts the maximum attention, either through informative or entertaining content. You will also be able to obtain relevant reports on your activities and therefore know the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy. With its numerous analytics features, HubSpot gives you a better overview by allowing you to collect information such as the number of visits to your site, the number of clicks on links or even the performance of keywords used.

On the sales side, Hubspot offers “nurturing” tools, which are techniques that allow you to guide users through the conversion tunnel. With these techniques, you will be able to demonstrate the value of your offer by stimulating their interest. This more personal support is a way to boost your sales and thus the profitability of your efforts.  For example, a tool in this CRM allows you to create simple templates for follow-up emails. As you create these emails, Hubspot will even suggest improvement options to help increase the open rate of your emails.

For the service component, everything is thought out and designed to offer an outstanding service. With Hubspot, your efforts will be directed to best meet the needs of your customers. The objective of CRM is to identify your customers’ problems to help you solve them quickly and facilitate their satisfaction. Hubspot allows, for example, to create a live chat that appears on your site and offers support to customers. Since it is automated, you offer a 24-hour service to your customers who will feel more listened to and taken care of.

On the operations side, Hubspot presents itself as a tool that allows all your systems to work in unison. You will be able to connect all your applications together to have a better overview of your consumers’ journey. All this information will be in a common source, available and accessible by all departments involved. In addition to providing you with more accurate information, you will be able to find and share relevant data much more easily and quickly.

Why we believe it makes it easier for marketing professionals

As stated above, Hubspot provides a range of tools specifically designed to support your organization’s marketing department.  Here are some of the tools that will be available to you by joining this CRM.

  • Tools for creating a blog and for developing your content strategy
  • Cross-platform optimization (email, social platforms, website, application)
  • Convergence of information in a single database
  • The origin of your traffic
  • Programming and organization of your social networks
  • Reporting dashboards (click rates, impressions…)
  • Efficient calls to action

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do I already have a successful CRM?
  • Would it be interesting for my work teams to have a unique database?
  • Do I need support in reaching my conversion goals?

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